Hindustan Unilever Pureit Water Purifier

Hindustan Unilever Ltd.

Hindustan Unilever Pureit Marvella RO

"This Festive Season a well deserved Gift will be a Pureit Water purifier to your loved ones"

For bulk purchases by Corporates 'Volume Discount' of 2% will be offered on MRP.


Pureit Marvella RO with 15 day Advanced Alert System.

Highest Level of TDS Removal

Pureit Marvella RO removes dissolved impurities in water like heavy metals, rust and excess salts to turn hard water of upto 2000 PPM into soft and tasty water.

Triple safety assurance of RO+UVM+ROPL

Pureit Marvella RO is powered with RO, UVM and ROPL which purifies the water not once but twice, ensuring you always get only 100% pure drinking water.


Hindustan Unilever Pureit Marvella

Introducing Pureit Marvella
India's first fully automatic water purifier

This is a new introduction from Pureit Water Filter as a wall hanging model. connected direct to tap. It is just for Rs.6900/-

It works without electricity and once connected to tap it starts, stops, fills, purifies water and gives 'As Safe As Boiled' water even when you are not around .......Automatically.

Hindustan Unilever Ltd.

At HUL- 'We Care' - Now Pureit has brought a new product.It can be attached to your kitchen tap! Thus you can have continueous 'Filtered Waterr Supply'.No extra Electricity.No extra Gas.No Extra Expense.

Considering the need of customers-We now have TWO Models.

One 'On Line-Auto Fill' at Rs.3200 per pc

Other 'Off Line'. at Rs.2000 per pc.

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The same Table of concessions apply for bulk supply and "Corporate Gifting".

Hindustan Unilever pureit Water Filter

We market : 
Qty. Discount : single point delivery single point delivery Discount : multiple delivery location multiple delivery location
below 25 2% Rs. 1960 1% Rs. 1980
25 - 49 5% Rs. 1900 3% Rs. 1940
50 - 99 7% Rs. 1860 5% Rs. 1900
100 and above 10% Rs. 1800 7% Rs. 1860

Welcome to the world of Hindustan Unilever Pureit Water Filter– the most advanced in-home water purifier in the world! Pureit, a breakthrough offering of Hindustan Unilever, comes with many unique benefits – complete protection from all water-borne diseases, great convenience, and unmatched affordability. Pureit’s unique Germkill BatteryTM technology kills all harmful viruses and bacteria and removes parasites and pesticide impurities, giving you water that's 'as safe as boiled waterTM. It assures your family of 100% protection from all water-borne diseases like jaundice, diarrhoea, typhoid and cholera. What’s more, it doesn’t need gas, electricity or continuous tap water supply. You will be further reassured to know that Pureit meets the stringent germ-kill criteria of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the toughest regulatory agency in the USA. Protect your loved ones with a Pureit Water Purifier today!


Recently we are accredited to market Pureit water filter for export in bulk in India's neighbourhood countrys. Provided payment terms are full advance and freight arranged by consignee at his cost. We will provide spares when required. For more details visit - http://www.pureitwater.com


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